Google I/O 2014

by Atse

The annual Google "I/O" confirmed us lots of news which we already knew. Including the new version of Android "l" practically set aside the names of desserts, with this new version we have a new design "Material", which shows in a lively way as they change the interface elements with form use them.

The evolution of a single mobile operating system Android became a center of entertainment with "Android TV". It which allows us to use our cell phone as remote from our TV and even use it to play video games with our friends. Android is now part of "wearable" fashion with "Android Wear".

Even joins in our travels with "Android Auto", which allows us to use our cell phone with simple voice commands to not desconcentrarnos of the steering wheel. Finally Google presented a folding box which turns into a lens of virtual reality at a cost of less than $50.00.



We will try to build one and then count them as we were.